Ningaloo Whaleshark Swim

Swimming with the whalesharks is one of those experiences that you will never ever forget!
Don’t miss the opportunity to snorkel and see the grace and beauty of these awesome gentle giants as they glide through the pristine waters of the Ningaloo Marine Park.

If you have ever been SCUBA diving, or ever wanted to try, you simply cannot miss this dive! Descend into one of Mother Nature's own aquariums, with a truly stunning range of marine life, both HUGE! and small - giant cod, sharks, nudibranches, a massive range of fish, rays, moray eels, turtles, amazing soft corals and more!

Spend the day diving and snorkelling the internationally acclaimed Muiron Islands, a group of deserted islands 16kms off the coast. Meet “Clive” the friendly giant cod, have manta rays swim acrobatics around you, explore coral caves, swim through huge schools of fish. Diving the Muirons is diving at its best!

Dive the best sites the world famous Ningaloo Reef has to offer! Walls, caves, swim-throughs and stunning corals – with massive cod, giant moray eels, sharks, and a range of fish, turtles and dolphins to keep you company!

Do a SCUBA diving course with us and dive the Exmouth Navy Pier, one of the top 10 dives in the world, for free! That’s why more and more divers are doing their courses with us, rather than at the Great Barrier Reef or anywhere else in the world!

See amazing manta rays (some more than 3 metres across!), humpback whales and their calves, turtles, dugongs, dolphins… the Ningaloo Marine Park offers you, your friends or your family memories to last you a lifetime!”

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A breathtaking experience

The huge variety of marine life in the waters off the west coast of Australia is one of the reasons that so many people choose to holiday in the area. Normally, only those who book a tour with a company such as ours will get the chance to see this wildlife at close quarters though and, judging by the number of satisfied customers we have had in the past, it is an experience that is well worth the expense. If you are able to swim with a snorkel or have experience diving in open waters then you can dive with whale sharks accompanied by our qualified instructors on a day out that you will never forget.

For those that are not confident in their abilities, our instructors will be happy to assist and will make sure that you feel completely comfortable so that you can enjoy everything that a trip with us has to offer. The feeding season for the main attraction mentioned above is from mid March to late July but there are plenty of other species to see throughout the year so whenever you have some free time, a visit to the Ningaloo Marine Park is well worthwhile.

You decide

Unlike on some tours, when we take customers on a cruise of the waters around the fringing coral reef that supports so many species in these waters, there is no pressure to leap into the sea if you would prefer not to. Whether you are an experienced diver that has been scuba diving on numerous occasions or have never even used a snorkel before, the trip is sure to be great fun. An onboard viewing platform allows passengers to observe the beautiful marine creatures we come across without having to get wet if they don't want to.

Simply watching Ningaloo reef whale sharks can be just as much fun as diving with them on our tours and there are lots of other sights to see during a day on our boats. The price we charge includes the use of snorkelling gear if required, as well as food and drink. The delicious lunch eaten onboard whilst taking in the fabulous ocean views all around is a good enough reason on its own for coming on a trip with us and the fact that every passenger gets the chance to swim with amazing creatures such as whalesharks makes it a magical day.

Looking after our customers

Although most passengers are primarily interested in seeing the creatures that our underwater tours are famous for, because we operate our own spotter plane we are able to locate dolphins, humpback whalers and other marine life that may be of interest. Once everybody has spent as long as they wish swimming with one species our plane can be directed to look for something new so boredom is never a problem when sailing with us.

There are quite a few companies that operate tours in this area but we are the only one to operate our own plane so Ningaloo coral reef tours on our dive vessels offer more time swimming with the fish and mammals that can be found in the area. Without our own aircraft, we would be in the same position as other operators that have to wait in line until a shared spotter plane has finished assisting other boats. We appreciate the fact that this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for many of our customers, which is why we do everything possible to ensure that they have the perfect day out and see everything that they wanted to see, including plenty of time with the majestic whale sharks.

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